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Recruitment Coach

The Recruitment Queen

Contact: Charlie Ryan

The Recruitment Queen started in 2010 as a result of the growing disparity in the market between what employers expect of job hunters and what job hunters think is expected.

Knowing what employers are looking for has given this business the edge over other speakers and coaches. The foundation of everything delivered through The Recruitment Queen is fuelled by the hotline straight into the minds of today’s hard-pressed Managing Directors and HR Managers.

Charlie as the Managing Director and Owner of CMR Recruitment ensures her team are bringing together employers and job hunters every day and it is this continuous source of up to date information which is provided to job hunters, “the tricks of the trade” if you like!

“I see so many excellent, qualified job hunters frustrated by their inability to get in front of the right person. As great as they are in their field of expertise, they lack the skills to show prospective employers how wonderful and perfect they are for the position.”

In every aspect of The Recruitment Queen the goal is all about “taking yourself to market with Purpose.”


You will find Charie in the Village Hall on 4 March


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