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Resilience Factors

Setting up the Somerton Resilience Fund

The unprecedented challenge of the current Covid-19 pandemic has placed a substantial strain on many in our society. The Parish Council, recognising this includes some within our own community who may be in need of assistance, is looking to respond to this issue. With this in mind the Parish Council has established a new relief fund (The Somerton Resilience Fund) which will be available to assist those most in need with difficulties arising from the current situation. This fund has been started with a grant received from SSE and other possible sources of grant funding are currently being pursued. The use and allocation of funds will be overseen by a group of trustees whose details are shown below.

Help Available

There are a variety of areas where we may be able to provide some quick help to those in greatest need. It may be that you need some general assistance with IT and the use of a tablet so you can communicate with family, or some general repairs or other essential items, or you may want to nominate a particular household for a small support package to raise their morale at a difficult time. Alternatively the current situation may have given rise to a difficult personal situation requiring some paid support. These are, however, just examples of where financial help might be given and other areas will, of course, be considered. As funds available will be limited we cannot promise to respond to all requests or to meet all costs associated with any request in full, but we will aim to allocate the funds available to optimum effect.

Applying For Help

Should you wish to make an application for assistance you should use the application form.  Completed forms should be submitted to the Parish Clerk following which, applications will be considered by the trustees of the fund. The identity of applicants will be known only to the Parish Clerk (who is not a Somerton resident) and the trustees will therefore review applications on an anonymous basis. The trustees may require additional information in which case such requests will be made through the Parish Clerk. All applications will be treated in strict confidence.

The Trustees of the Somerton Resilience Fund

The trustees of the Somerton Resilience Fund and the clerk are shown below. The Parish Clerk & Responsible finance officer (RFO) is not a trustee of the fund but as explained above will act as a point of reference for applications. Any funds allocated to the fund will be ring-fenced for the sole use of the fund and will not be used by the parish council.

  • Alison Smith Chair of Somerton Parish Council
  • Helen Holman Somerton Resident
  • Sue Muir Somerton Resident
  • 2 Vacancies,  if interested please contact Cathy Fleet
  • Cathy Fleet Clerk to Somerton Parish Council & RFO

Donations to the Somerton Resilience Fund

Should you wish to make a donation to the Somerton Resilience Fund please contact the Parish Clerk ( who will be pleased to provide the relevant details. Any funds donated will be administered by the trustees in accordance with the principles explained above.

Fund Raising

The trustees are also looking at different ways to raise funds and any ideas would be appreciated. The help and assistance of all involved with this initiative is greatly appreciated. Please contact the Clerk or any of the trustees with your ideas and suggestions.


Mrs Cathy Fleet, Clerk Somerton Parish Council, West Field Farm Cottage, Fenway Steeple Aston OX25 4SS


SRF Policy Statement

Application Form  


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