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Somerton Resilience Fund

Contact: Alison Smith, Sue Muir, Helen Holman

The Somerton Resilience Fund was established during the Covid Pandemic and is available to assist our residents in need of some financial support. The fund, started with a grant from SSE. The use and allocation of funds will be overseen by a group of trustees. It is impractical to provide an exhaustive list of the areas where assistance may be given but the following are by way of example:
¥ IT/communication related costs associated with isolation.
¥ Supporting the physical and mental well-being of residents
¥ Supporting delivery of food to shielding/vulnerable and isolated residents
¥ Medically related costs including hospital visits.
¥ Minor home repairs and modifications
¥ Security related costs and pendant alarms for the housebound
¥ Assistance with school trips and travel to assist a young personÕs development.
¥ Paid support and advice.
¥ Supporting projects that foster community spirit and resilience.
For our policy and application form, go to the

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