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      Somerton Allotment & Recreation Area

Somerton Village have an exciting opportunity to purchase land at at Aston View to create a communal space, with allotted growing areas and recreation space.

It is hoped the PC can purchase the land via the PWBL ( a low interest Gov Loan).  SARA, a newly formed village group interested in allotments and recreation will be raising funds to develop the site, which will be developed in stages.  Phase one will be purchase of the land,  setting out the recreation and allotment spaces and making the site secure.

This will be a great opportunity for our community, providing an outdoor space, with orchards, wildflower meadow, recreation space and allotments.

SARA have produced a plan of the proposed project which can be viewed here:


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Should you have any comments or questions please direct them to the PC Clerk Cathy Fleet:

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