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Somerton Scarecrow Competition 2018

Hey Somerton Folks – Lets get creative AGAIN! Thinking caps on for our second Scarecrow Competition

We want to liven up the village and give drivers a reason to slow down!

The competition is open to everyone in the village, young and old; individuals and families. There is no theme, and the judging of the scarecrows will be done by us, the villagers, from 3:00 pm Sunday 2 September, through to Friday 14 September 4:00 pm.

There will be a prize awarded at the VPA Show on Saturday 15 September


All entry forms should be submitted by Sunday 2 September 2018 by email or handed to:

Louise & Malcom Thompsom

Any Questions call;

  • Malcom Thompson: 01869 345613
  • Alison Smith: 07920 017 460

Download your Voting form and location Map here:

Voting Form Somerton Scarecrows 2018

Supported by Somerton Parish Council

Suggestion for Scarecrow making (basic design)

  • 1 x batten or thick piece of wood/broom handle about 2m long (6ft)
  • 1x batten about 1m long (3ft)
  • 1 x batten about 30cm long (12 inches)
  • Old clothes & 2 old pair of tights
  • Stuffing material: – newspaper/straw/hay/bubble wrap etc.
  • String
  1. Tie the 1m stake to the 2m stake, about 15cm from one end, in a cross shape and then tie the other stake in the same way about half way down.
  2. For head; Cut one leg from the tights and fill with some straw. Push the straw firmly to the end and make it into a ball shape. Tie a piece of string around the tights to stop the straw falling out.
  3. Stuff a pair of tights with newspaper/straw (this forms the body and legs) and attach to your stake with string.
  4. Now you can dress your crow by placing the shirt on the top crossbar and the trousers on the smaller bar.


  • Your scarecrow must be made from scratch and able to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Displayed where it can be easily seen from the road.
  • It can be on the pavement or verge but must not cause an obstruction.
  • It should be a maximum height of 1.8m.
  • Your entry may be a single scarecrow, a family or a group.
  • You can include an element of plant material which can be dried, fresh or living.
  • You are encouraged to use recycled materials
  • You may use props or accessories to enhance your scarecrow
  • You will be Emailed a number to display on your scarecrow for voting purposes.
  • Scarecrows should be displayed by 3:00 pm Sunday 2 September, ready for voting. & ideally left out for display after the VPA
  • Scarecrows may be put out a few days before this date.
  • Votes should be emailed or handed to Malcom & Louise by 4:00 pm Friday 14 September
  • Results will be announced and prizes awarded at the VPA show Saturday 15 September.
  • Extra voting forms will be available on the new Somerton Website:
  • All Somerton residents are eligible to vote.
  • Your Entry will be judged on the following criteria: Originality, Artistic Skill, Entertainment Value

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