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The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th at 7:30pm at St James Somerton.

All current electoral roll members must complete a new application, and new people may also apply by filling in an application for enrolment. You can download the application here. Completed forms can be given to Graeme Christianson (2 Walnut Rise).


St James Somerton

The Church of St. James the Apostle in Somerton is an ancient, Grade 1 listed church that is open daily to visitors and is the centre for the village’s spiritual life and a focus for a variety of social activities.

The church is unusually large and imposing for what has never been a large village. It contains remarkable monuments and has architectural elements from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries.


Sunday Services

Sunday services vary week-to-week each month and include:

  • First Sunday – 6pm Evensong (clergy led)
  • Second Sunday – 9:30am Sunday Club (lay led)
  • Third Sunday – 11am Matins (clergy led)
  • Fourth Sunday – 9:30am Family Service (clergy led)

For more about the church’s history and images, visit

St James Somerton Church

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