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Volunteer Prescription Collections

Somerton / Deddington HC

Volunteers in Somerton are ready to support our neighbours, (who for various reasons are isolating) and our Health Centre: to reduce the number of visitors to the Surgery. To this end we have set up a collection service with Deddington Health Centre commencing from next week.

Any patient who was already part of the Deddington Health Centre delivery service will continue as normal, they do not need to switch to the volunteer delivery service.

If you usually collect your repeat prescription at Deddington Health Centre; you can still do this; but, if you are self-isolating or not wanting to leave your home, the Volunteer Somerton Cov19 support group can arrange for a volunteer to do it for you. This will be coordinated by Richard Kitson.

This is what you need to do:

1. Place your order in the usual way with Deddington Health Centre before Monday 1:00 pm. It is best if you can do this via the Patient Access (Online Services). If you can’t, leave your message on the Repeat Prescription phone line between 10:00am and 3:00pm. (01869 338847)  – If your Prescription needs to be paid for, you need to call the dispensary to do this; 01869 338862

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2. At the same time call or Email Richard Kitson 07795117877 to advise him you would like your prescription collected. Make sure you give him your name and address and a contact Tel number. Richard will collect your prescription on Thursday, and deliver it to you on Thursday, in a Covid 19 safe way.

If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact:

Richard Kitson 07795 117877 or Alison Smith 07920 017460

Bicester Health Centres

If you use The Bicester Health Centre or Montgomery House Surgery, you can advise them you would like your prescriptions delivered and they will be collected and delivered on Tuesdays. By Nick Rowe. (Somerton Resident)

NB. All our volunteers have signed a confidentiality agreement and any information they may have will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Richard Kitson contact: 07795 117877 Email:
Richard lives at the Canal Wharf with partner Rebecca and are both active members of the Somerton Social club. They are both keen cyclists and have lived in Somerton for several
years. Richard has recently retired after nearly 40 years working in the Pharmaceutical industry and is keen to support the community during this crisis, especially as his son and daughter are on the front line as Emergency Doctor and General Practitioner respectively. Richard will be coordinating Prescription collections from Deddington Health Centre.

Alison Smith contact: 07920 017460 Email:
Alison lives at 2 Troy Cottages, has lived in the village since 1986. An active member of the Social Club and Chair of the Parish Council. Alison is Coordinating the Volunteer Somerton Cov19 group.

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